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First Forward

Reduce Our Debt. Address Our Growth.

The Lord has given us tremendous growth the last year – we are running on average 700 in attendance over this time last year.
The church has paid off around 2.5M in debt the last couple of years and currently has one mortgage on our Village Park campus of $5.1M.
The note is about $31,000 per month and represents about 6.5% of our total One Fund budget.
There are building and expansion projects at each campus we are eager to engage in but not until we significantly address this mortgage amount of debt.
We are extremely grateful for what the Lord has done through each and every one of you.
We are totally looking to the Lord to help us grow the church in every dimension. but before we can seriously consider other growth opportunities we need to significantly reduce the mortgage on our Village Park campus.
Select a Scripture for this offering you will claim. Pray about how much the Lord wants you to give.
Bring your offering to church on Sunday, March 26.